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TheSmileApp, your ultimate dental health app, is designed to help you unlock joy with every smile. Elevate your oral health journey – because a bright smile starts with optimal dental health!



Welcome to TheSmileApp, your dedicated companion on the journey to optimal dental health. Founded by Michelle Ligon, a registered Dental Hygienist with a passion for educating and empowering individuals. Hailing from NYC and now residing in NC, Michelle's 5-year tenure at NYU College of Dentistry fueled her commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in dental health.

Her mission with TheSmileApp is clear: to educate and encourage, making oral health accessible to all. Michelle believes in the power of knowledge - "the more you know, the better you'll do." Understanding the 'why' behind oral care is paramount, as it fosters consistent practices. Brushing and flossing are crucial to sustain excellent dental health, but they can be easily overlooked. Announcing TheSmileApp, a fantastic dental wellness and oral health app that gently reminds and inspires with a creative toothbrush timer and reminder.

TheSmileApp goes beyond conventional dental apps. It features instructional and educational videos, unraveling the 'why' and 'how' of achieving optimal oral health. Forgetful about brushing? Our toothbrush timer and toothbrush reminder ensure you never miss a beat.

Join us in embracing the philosophy, "Encouraging people to Smile: it’s the curve that sets everything straight!" Experience dental care like never before with TheSmileApp.

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How it works

Tired of forgetting to floss? Not a problem anymore! Our app sends quirky and motivating push reminders tailored to your wake and bedtime, providing that extra nudge toward a dental health app.

Ensuring you brush for two minutes is essential. Our app features a timer with a music option, making those two minutes fly by while effectively removing plaque from every tooth surface.

Have you ever questioned whether you're able to brush and floss effectively? You might come across advice on how to care for a healthy mouth in our Expert Tip area, which experienced dental hygienists have put together.

Looking to share the joy of a healthy smile with friends and family? Our referral program not only allows you to assist your loved ones but also earns you referral points for a chance to win a complimentary dental exam with X-rays and cleaning, plus exclusive oral health aids.

Recognizing that oral health is unique to each individual, we offer personalized care instructions. Upgrade your experience by answering a few questions in our survey, helping us tailor recommendations specifically for you.

Embark on a personalized oral health app journey – because your smile deserves the best care possible. Don't miss out; optimize your oral wellness with TheSmile App today!. 

All you need is an email to get started.
Need more personalized care? Sign up for one of our packages to get personalized dental tips at your fingertips. 
We will help you get one step closer to a healthy, beautiful smile.

App Features

Your very own personal dental assistant at your fingertips.

Easy To Register

Get started on your journey to dental health with just an email! Easy registration for a hassle-free experience.

Progress tracker

Monitor your oral health progress effortlessly. Track and celebrate your dental wellness achievements.

Appointment reminder

Stay on top of your dental appointments for consistent care and a healthier smile.

Brush time reminders

Never miss a brushing session again! Our timely reminders ensure your dental routine is always on track.

Pro tips

Receive expert tips from Michelle, RDH, ensuring you're following the best practices for optimal oral health.

Refer and earn points

Share the joy of a healthy smile! Refer friends, earn points, and enjoy exciting prizes while helping others take control of their dental health.

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SMILE App Is Available For All Devices

We don't discriminate. You can find us at your fingertips regardless of your device.

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As a busy professional, finding time for dental appointments can be tough. TheSmileApp has been a game-changer for me. The convenience of monitoring my oral health in real time and acquiring experienced advice without disrupting my schedule is priceless. It's like having a dentist on call whenever I need it. My smile has never been in better shape!

John D.

I've been using TheSmileApp for a few months now, and it has truly revolutionized the way I approach my oral health. The real-time monitoring feature keeps me on track, and the personalized health programs make it feel like I have my virtual dentist. It's like having a reliable partner in my pocket for a healthier, happier smile. Highly suggest it to all dental fans out there!

Nathan A.

As a fitness fan, I take a holistic strategy to health. The Smile App aligns quite with my mood. It's not just a dental health app; it's a wide tool that completes my overall well-being journey. The real-time monitoring and skilled tips keep my oral health in check, making it a vital part of my daily habits. Joining the community of like-minded individuals has added a motivational aspect to my dental care routine. The Smile App is a must for anyone serious about their dental health.

Eleanor G.

Getting time for dental checkups may be tricky for a busy worker. For me, TheSmileApp has changed everything. It is very suitable to keep an eye on my oral health in real time and get skilled advice without having to take time out of my schedule. It's like having a dentist at my removal at all times. I've never had a more beautiful grin!

Mike S.